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  • MMOL is an information learning center/network connection hub NOT a mastering service.

  • However, MMOL can connect you with verified mastering engineers for either, personally attended (offline), or remote mastering sessions (online).

  • Free mastering demonstrations are available by our affiliates when available.

  • MMOL is an entertaining audio forum; your contributions are rewarded with our Ultimate Point System ("UPS") which ensures good point accounting across the board.

  • MMOL allows you to buy & sell products or services with these points ("MMOL iPoints") and you can even open up a 'savings account' to let your points earn an annual interest rate!

  • Play the MMOL Raffle and win enough points to redeem them towards professional mixing, or perhaps an entire album mastering job!

  • And the most important thing: MMOL is a PayPal site, the leading payment system and most trustworthy escrow company on the web!

What is mastering?

In simple terms, it's the last step where your mix is reviewed one more final time, but inside an acoustically accurate mastering room where critical processing judgement calls will be performed before is presented to a world wide audience. Once the order of your audio is sequenced, it can be assembled in your format of choice.

Anything else that you read on a web page or on someone's web site may be stating the same description but only with different words. Or, it could be personal nonsense, subjective, and misguided opinions, so be careful there.

MMOL's mission statement is to provide the correct information so that the general public can make an educated decision before hiring someone to perform what would be considered the last critical step before releasing a music recording: mastering.

Most people seeking online mastering services these days don't even know if they need it. This is especially true to those who don't require song sequencing and pre-master assembly (on tape or cd). Therefore, MMOL is expanding the subject of 'mastering' (also known as "pre-mastering") to include the art of composing, arranging, audio tracking and music mixing.

This subject expansion is a logical step to MMOL after seeing thousands of records that couldn't meet industry standards.

Why trust MMOL and not other online services?

MMOL is not a mastering service and all the mastering engineers on board are thoroughly verified so you can rest assured that this site will connect you with professionals who provide top quality services.

Unfortunately, due to the ambiguous meaning of the word "mastering", online mastering services have become as of late the fraud of choice for computer crooks and even those self titled audio engineers who, without any professional experience whatsoever, are providing this kind of highly skilled & specialized audio service.

It is also fast becoming another way to make a quick buck without the required investment for some misguided young bedroom producers or DJ's. But regardless of who these people are, what they offer is not "mastering", but rather, a sort of *pseudo mastering* process without the right listening room environment and tools dedicated to the task. Thus, they cannot provide professional results even if that is the first thing they are pledging to all their costumers in the first place.

In some cases, the mastering engineer, credits, equipment and studio are all sophisticated scams, complete with pictures stolen from other mastering studios to entice unsuspecting musicians who are usually promised a very low price.

Unfortunately, the consumer at large cannot ascertain if the services provided are indeed professional until is too late. In the worst case scenario, they never do. That's because when you receive a product from a fraudster or a misguided individual, it's a crapshoot, and it doesn't mean you'll be getting a perfectly frequency balanced master, or if the product, i.e. "the master" will pass stringent manufacturing plant requirements.

For these reasons, we don't like to call these type of individuals "mastering engineers", but neither do we like to ridicule what they have to offer to musicians and bands at a low rate. In this free market society, there is room for them and for what they call *mastering*, which is only the product of their inaccurate audio guesswork. Naturally, being misguided works both ways because there are people pretending to be artists and who also have terrible mixes that no self respecting mastering engineer would like to touch with a 10 foot pole. If you are one of them, feel free to hire one of these cheap unverified online services. That is, if that's how serious about your music you really are. But, do it with the knowledge that in reality you are not having your music records "mastered".

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