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Kog Mastering is a multi award winning studio with over 20 years experience and a string of gold and platinum credits, and artists from indie to Grammy winning.
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New Zealand
Between $60 ~ $75
Online, Attended Mastering
No Deals Available
More Than Two
All Styles
100% Analog, Hybrid Mastering, Mastered for iTunes (MFiT), Stems Mastering
Mastering Examples
Chris Chetland
Mixing Engineer
Kog have mastered tracks for many international multiplatinum, gold and award winning artists (including Grammy winners). Contact use for any genre specific details.

Supervision - 

Tyler Acoustics D1X and sub DS12 - Mastering rating system full range

Compression - 

Manley Vari Mu (Mastering Version) 

API 2500

Buzz Audio DBC-M (Mastering version) 

Equalization / Exciters / Enhancers - 

Manley Massive Passive 

Hendyamps Michelangelo

Klontz Eight (Sontec / GML / EQ Quad8 Hybrid )

Muller HDE-250A (Sontec 250EX clone) 

Night EQ3-D

Kush Electra

Helios type69 Clone

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T 

Manley SLAM! (stereo)


Tape - 

Ampex ATR-100

Studer B-67


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