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Red Mastering Studio was created around year 2010 in London. Please visit our website to find all detailed information
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United Kingdom
Between $40 ~ $50
$30 per track
Fast Delivery
All Styles
Next business day
3 business days
5 business days
100% Analog, Hybrid Mastering, Mastered for iTunes (MFiT), Stems Mastering, Vinyl Mastering
Mastering Examples, Free Mastering Demo, Conditional Guarantee
Filip Pietrzykowski
+44 (0) 207 193 3307
Mixing Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

Red Mastering Studio Equipment list


monitors - PMC IB1 powered by 2 monoblocks - Hypex UcD400HG 
monitoring dac - mytek 192 dsd (mastering version)
transfer console - Dangerous Music Liasion 
mastering console - TK Audio Blender, custom modification
cans - Sennheiser HD 600 powered by class-A headphones amp



TUBECORE Mastering Edition - Vari-mu tube compressor, modded
Bettermaker 232P - High End analog EQ (M/S matrix) with full digital control
TF Pro P9 Ted's Definitive Equaliser - double mono/stereo mastering equaliser
TF Pro P38 EX - optical stereo mastering compressor
IGS Audio - 'SSL 4000' stereo vca buss compressor
Thermionic Culture Vulture Limited Edition - hi-end tube saturation box




PC - HAL9009, noisless construction hi-end PC with a separate power supply
DAC - Mytek 96dac
ADC - Mytek 96adc
RME HDSP 9652 & RME Hammerfall multiface
Steinberg NUENDO 4
PSP TotalPack
Frontier Fader Port

Grimm TPR, Canare Starquad and Belden 1694 cabling

Please find all detailed information about our services, policies, prices, and ethics of work -  here

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