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Sell your digital music downloads and get paid instantly!

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Sell your digital music downloads and get paid instantly!

Unread postby EV Slash » March 11th, 2013, 1:22 pm

I can show you how to use sites like ReverbNation for what they are really good at, and start making the money that is due to you now. Not when a site tells you that you have to reach a certain minimum amount of dollars generated by your music sales in your online "artist" account. That can take you up to one year, or even three months assuming you are already that much popular. With this simple tips you won't even have to wait for one week.

Yes, I am talking about getting paid TODAY!

Hi, I am EV Slash, and currently I am #10 in the Brooklyn, New York Charts of ReverbNation (was #5 and rankings may go up or down +/- 4 positions every month), and I am successfully selling my music online and getting paid instantly.

How can that be, you may ask yourself. I tell you, it was so simple and the answer was the whole time staring me in the face. Finally, about 12 months ago, I decided I should try it out for myself. What seemed just as a good idea, I turned it into a reality, and the results surpassed all my best expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these ideas work well, and the best part of it is that I get to use every music network I want.

I chose to use ReverbNation as I find this free service extremely useful to me. I also discovered that it's not all about how many social sites you have or how many music online services you are currently subscribed to, but how you exploit what they already offer for free as you continue to build upon your own musician's network. Trust me, these sites like ReverbNation are not going to help you make money from your music unless you make them money first.

If your music is good but not selling, it must be buried along with all the music from bedroom warriors and you are not found by all the good people who pay money for downloadable music for their desktop computers, cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, etc (i.e. the online shopping audience).

What's worse is that sites like ReverbNation, Bandcamp or BeatPort, tie up whatever revenue you manage to make for as long as they can, and only pay if you meet their (sometimes) unfair payment conditions. With this tutorial you get to bypass all that and you get paid instantly while keeping the benefits of using your own free musician's network. I'll show you how easy it is to build an audience and to increase exponentially your fan base and hopefully in less than a week, you will start selling and getting paid instantly.

You can possibly sell in one year 2,000 downloads. Again, this happens exponentially, meaning that you will gradually pick up more and more sales every month. The first two months, however, are going to be frustratingly slow, but then things start to move a bit faster after the third month. By the sixth month, your music sales will peak and the rest is residual revenue until it dwindles down to nothing. So, once all the people in your network have heard and downloaded your music, it's time to make more music.

Here is table showing roughly what you can make just by selling one song or instrumental track:

    Month 1: $10.00
    Month 2: $25.00
    Month 3: $50.00
    Month 4: $150.00
    Month 5: $400.00
    Month 6 $1,000.00
    Year Total: $2,000.00

Here is table showing roughly what you can potentially make if you're selling an album:

    Month 1: $50.00
    Month 2: $250.00
    Month 3: $500.00
    Month 4: $1500.00
    Month 5: $4000.00
    Month 6 $10,000.00
    Year Total: $20,000.00

Keep in mind that your network and social standing is a key factor in sales. Here is the idea in not so many words:


This is by no means a "quick rich" scheme, but you will learn a few tricks to promote yourself and your music effectively while making some money to continue plugging away...because... if you keep on doing just that, there is hope to get picked up by a major distributor, a publisher, or a film company requesting synchronization rights, which would turn your music into a real music career. Exposure is the name of the game!

As I said, at this point I don't have to wait to get paid for downloads anymore. When I sell a digital download, I get paid instantly. I also expect to receive residual income for a long while because I have established a strong MySpace presence years ago. The most important thing is, I don't have to deal with some unfair, outright ridiculous delay in royalty payments because of the lack of proper ownership; a loophole that prevents you from getting paid by most music sites and aggregators. I also assume you are like me; a hard working, music maker who has no time to be dealing with legal stuff and wants to get paid a.s.a.p. after releasing a new song or piece of music.

This new online music selling strategy is not for people who are trying to exploit the musical works of others and I am assuming that your problem is that you never see any money from your musical efforts because your music is overwhelmingly ignored by the millions of songs being streamed for free on the web, and/or your royalties are still not being paid because they remain withheld.

If that's your situation and you believe your music has got what it takes, here is what I did:
Go to my ReverbNation page

On the RN player, click the "buy" button for the song "When You Realize" (at the top) or "Have You Gone Out Of My Life" at the bottom. See what I did? Notice that when you click on buy button, one buys a song directly from this site, which sells them exclusively on my behalf. That's because I am good friends with the webmaster of this site. But, I could have easily had that PayPal account under my own name. Setting up your own PayPal account is what you will normally do first. If you can't, then I am sorry but you'll be hard pressed to make an extra income this way.

When using PayPal, your account can be any name or email address you'd like. All the instructions are given to you at their site.

Anyway, allow me to do a shameless promotion now: Go to my ReverbNation page anyway, and as a bonus, you can download "New York" Remix 2013, or watch the YouTube video.

OK. The point of this post was that, just like me, you can do it too! And, instead of using music networks, Facebook or twitter sites, it could be your own site, your "official" band site, or any web page you may already have in existence generating hundreds of visitors and of course, your entire internet media and social network. Don't wait all your life hoping to sell your music online and get paid someday, especially if this is your first attempt at it, and you were thinking in doing it the 'conventional' way.


PS: If you still don't get it or are confused, and need more details, email me for assistance, but only if you pay me $10 USD. This is for the time I'll have to spend writing and responding to your email inquiries. After all, I do make a living doing audio and I am not some kind of 'free service bureau'. Thank you.

You can use this button below to do so if you want to correspond with me:

EV Slash
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