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Jeffrey de Gans is a highly skilled and experienced mastering engineer with a dedicated analog mastering-studio in the Rotterdam area.
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Jeffrey de Gans

Da Goose Music is driven by Jeffrey de Gans (Gans is dutch for Goose). Jeffrey was born in 1971 and was obsessed with music, sound and technique from the day he was born. At the age of 10 he started messing with tapedecks, mixers and turntables while playing his sisters disco records. Later he had his own (illegal) radio-station, worked for a drive-in-show, worked for several radio-stations, produced and released over 70 vinyl-records and played worldwide (and still does every now and then) on a zillion parties as a DJ.

espresso naked filterOne of his passions is making espresso; always fine-tuning the machines to make the perfect espresso. This is something that can be found back in his mastering skills; always looking for the best and even push it just a bit more.

Da Goose Music was founded as a music-production company in 1996 and Jeffrey’s first real mastering-job dates back to the end of the nineties. Needless to say that he has a lot of experience, a great set of ears and serious knowledge of what he is doing.

What about the eco-friendly-studio logo?

ecostudioWe believe in the fact that a better and healthier environment starts with yourself. That is why we have taken a lot of care about how to deal with the energy consumption.


  • Da Goose Music runs on 100% Solar-power!
  • 8 massive solar-panels combined with a Mastervolt (hence the name) power-inverter.
  • Lightning is done with energy friendly led-lights (also in our private-house)
  • In the studio roof we installed a sola-tube daylight system; less artificial lightning needed.
  • Studio isolation with mineral wool which is soundproofed, but also well isolated when it comes to temperature.
  • The roof is covered with sand and stones; grass and weed can grow freely forming an ecological isolation.
  • Because of the isolation, no energyslurping airco is needed and econoheat heater in the winter.
  • Equipment not in use is switched off.
  • Amplifiers are Class-D which are known for extremely low power consumption.
  • Computers make use of SSD disks and all screens are LED screens with standbykillers.
  • For data we use a synology NAS with eco hard-drives with automatic powersave mode. The NAS device is automatically switched of during nighttime.
  • To monitor the energy consumption, we use a Wattson energy monitor.

Analogue Processing

Sontec based Mastering EQ
Barry Porter NetEQ
Nite EQ3 air EQ
Foote Control Systems P3S ME compressor
D-AOC optical tube compressor
PM670 vari-mu tube compressor
SoundSkulptor Stereo Tape Simulator (modified)

Digital Processing

Fabfilter Pro-L limiter
Fabfilter Pro-MB multiband compressor
Fabfilter Pro-C2 compressor
Fabfilter Pro-Q2 EQ
Fabfilter Pro-DS De-esser
PSP Neon HR linear phase EQ
PSP Xenon limiter
PSP Mastercomp
PSP Oldtimer ME
Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2
Izotope Ozone 7
Izotope RX4
LVC Clipshifter
Sonnox restauration tools
Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox


Bowers and Wilkins Nautilus 802
Custom Hypex nc400 Class-D amplifier
Avantones Mixcubes
AMC 2445 amp (modified)
DuTCH audio passive monitor controller
Sennheiser HD600 headphone (modified)

AD / DA Conversion

Lynx Hilo AD/DA

DAW and Controllers

Steinberg wavelab 9
Sonoris DDP creator PRO
Sonoris DDP customized player (customer DDP reference)
Custom mastering console with MS processing
Custom I7 PC with SSD and 42 and 20 inch LED screens
Mac Mini running logic and MFiT tools
Plextor CD burners with Plextools professional
Steinberg CMC AI controller
250Mbit/s up/down fibre internet connection :)


Grimm TPR cabling with goldplated Neutrik connectors
W&M LS-01 Hi-end Speakercables
Furman power conditioning
Acoustics by GIK acoustics and DIY basstraps/diffusers
Taiyo Yuden Pro CDR’s
Sony DTC-A8 DAT recorder (modified)
Sony CDP-XE330 CD player (modified)
Ears by Jeffrey de Gans


Custom-built, acoustically transparent mastering-desk
A funky green chesterfield couch
Retro mini-fridge filled with drinks and whiskey on the side
Herman Miller Aeron chair
Modified Rancilio espresso-machine with the worlds-best coffee-beans :-)

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