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37 years of audio engineering experience and music composition. Worked with professionals at Sony Music, Time-Warner Inc. and many independent artists & producers around the world.
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four stars out of 5 or excellent
United States
Between $150 ~ $195, Price Estimate Only
Online, Attended Mastering
$75 per track
Fast Delivery
Next day
3 business days
7 business days
All Styles, Dance, EDM, Electronic, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, House, Instrumental, Latin Rock, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rhythm and Blues, Ska, Soul, Techno, Trance
Cindy Blackman Santana, John Davidson, Shirley Alston Reeves, Ed Chalpin

EV Sonic Lab is a mix production and music mastering facility ("mixtering") formerly in Queens, New York.

In 2018, it became a private studio for EV SLASH Records, USA.

Specializing in rock, pop, hip hop, country, jazz and dance music, EV Sonic Lab has been working on audio since the middle 80's.

Working with artists of the likes of Cindy Blackman Santana, John Davidson, Shirley Alston Reeves (The Shirelles), Amber, Geri King and many more, Edward's clients have received 3 Grammy nominations.

As a composer-mixing engineer, EV has worked with producers of the likes of Jerry Kasenetz, Jeff Katz and various record production companies.


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