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Between $60 ~ $75
No Deals Available At This Time
Next business day
3 business days
7 business days
All Styles, Weird
Medina, Covenant, Dollhouse, This is head
Free Mastering Demo, Conditional Guarantee, Money Back Guaranteed
Andreas Andersson
Mixing Engineer, Producer

I've been mastering for almost 20 years and have successfully covered almost all kinds of genres to this date. I started out with mostly electronic/industrial stuff but have since worked with metal to experimental jazz, from pop to avant garde, hip hop, schlager and EDM.

I always offer one sample track for free (which includes some random beeps until payment received). If you notice anything in your mix you want to change and send to me as new pre-master, I will not charge you extra for it. Actually I don't even charge extra for changes you'd like to hear in the master (usually I hit the nail on the first version, and if not, your feedback will probably allow me to get it right the 2nd time).

My capacity is around 4 tracks/day as I like to rest my ears with different genres in-between to make sure I can stay focused.

Regarding your pre-master I'd like to recommend the following:
Send me the stereo (interleaved) wave file in the same bitrate and sample frequency it's mixed with (to avoid unnecessary SRC and dithering).
Make sure to leave enough dynamic headroom for me to work with. For instance, if you want it LOUD - let me make it loud the proper way and according to 'industry standards'.

Neumann 310 monitors + 750 DSP sub w. MA1 alignment system
Apogee Symphony mk2 I/O
Mytek Brooklyn ADC
Rupert Neve Designs MBP & 5042 (tape emulator)
Stam Audio Stamchild SA-670
API 5500 & 2x 527
SSL X-Rack stereo buss compressor
Chandler Limited REDD.47
TK Audio BC1 Ltd. & TK-lizer 2 Ltd.
Flea U47
Neumann U87

Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 and WaveLab 10
Fabfilter total bundle
Sonnox EQ & Inflator
DMG Limitless, EQuilibrium
Slate Digital everything bundle and much more