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[Front End] Free Mastering Demonstrations Now Available!

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[Front End] Free Mastering Demonstrations Now Available!

Postby DMS » Mon Jun 06, 2016 2:09 pm

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We are pleased to announce the new Free Mastering Demonstrations page at:

Starting tomorrow June 7, 2016, any DMS visitor will be able to send a mix for a mastering demonstration to a minimum of two dozen of participating studios in one upload.

Our software and interface by FileChucker is now installed and ready, but coming next July 4th, it will also be available as a mobile app!

We expect this new free service to add more value to both, our mastering engineers and the general public. It should also add more business and name exposure to mastering services on the DMS.


Here is the list of studio owners participating in this free service:

If any studio's profile card is missing, please advise.

Here are some of the member rules and etiquette:

All participating studios will receive requests by visitors for mastering demos directly from the DMS. As far as opportunity goes, this is and will always be an egalitarian system. The script will send to all studios the link to download submissions exactly at the same time.

That's why I strongly suggest you make sure that the email address you joined in with is your primary address. Otherwise, our emails may not be noticed by you when visitors submit a mix for a mastering demonstration. Time is always of the essence.

If the email in your account page is not the primary one, pm me the one you'd like to change so I can add it to our send form script.

ImageThere will be further instructions for both, you and the visitors with mix submissions, but in short and in order to keep this program transparent, all samples will be posted and downloaded at the newly created 'Free Mastering Demos' sub forum.

A few features to note in the upload form are:

  1. type of submission
  2. user expectation and
  3. music style.

Type of submission: besides the obvious, is just a pull down menu to give the visitor the option to submit a mix for feedback, not for a mastering demo.

We reasoned that this extra option could generate productive conversations between mastering engineers and users who are still debating whether as to their mixes are ready or not for mastering.

This option can be disabled if the majority of you don't like it, or if for example, you're not happy with the frequency of emails.

User expectation: this pull down menu gives visitors the option to submit a
mix with a user predefined outcome. These expected outcomes are:

  • ImageExtremely loud (hyper-compressed)
  • Louder than the present state but not hyper-compressed
  • Slightly louder than the present state (about 1 or 2dB)
  • Balance at equal gain (no changes in loudness).
  • Mastering engineer makes choice
  • Other (I am sending a mix reference)

If you have any questions or concerns about these options, or would like to propose adding something else, please go to the modifications sub forum to create a topic:

Music style: this pull down menu gives visitors the option to select a specific music genre and thus, it will help you, the mastering engineer to decide whether as to you want to take on the task or not.

All these menus are cgi req checked (required fields) so this upload form is anti-bot. I am sure I'm leaving out many more details about the script (e.g. our user anti-spam countermeasures) but these are the main points.

Those members who selected "Free Demonstrations" in the edit page profile or "EPP" (see the list above) can do nothing except to email me to change your email address, or remove you from the program altogether.

Are you a mastering studio owner who would like to participate in this new program? All engineers and studio owners are always welcome, just join us at:

Then make sure to select "Free Demonstrations" while in the edit page profile or "EPP" (under Service Warranties) and if your email address at sign up was not the primary one, then change it at your Account page (and hit the update button).

Have fun and happy mastering demonstrating! :)
The DMS Administration

Please report any problems (e.g. a dead link) to Bug Reporting Forum (now paying 10 iS per report!)
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