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Our first year online!

(1~10 iShares). Here mastering engineers can discuss mastering related topics. Moderated by Chris Chetland and Edward Vinatea.

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Our first year online!

Postby DMS » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:51 pm

One year ago, we created the best resource designed to find mastering services on the web. Today, the DMS is now one year old. :P

With over 500 daily users searching for mastering studios with our proprietary search engine algorithm, the DMS is the best tool for musicians, producers, record label and music people alike looking for the right studio match.

At the time we started we were able to give away 100 full featured profile pages which were immediately taken by some lucky studio owners.

The new DMS is still free, however, our free subscriptions now only cover the basics:
  • DMS search engine listing
  • Directory profile card
  • Google map
  • 1 Poster Image
  • Editing options
  • Access to our support board

Remember, the DMS lists only mastering services operated by real audio engineers. Please support the DMS and the craft of mastering by upgrading to a premium subscription, buying exposure, a badge or one of our affordable marketing services.

Thank you!
The DMS Administration

Please report any problems (e.g. a dead link) to Bug Reporting Forum (now paying 10 iS per report!)
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