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[Front End] New: Visitor Stats By Country

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[Front End] New: Visitor Stats By Country

Postby DMS » Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:09 pm

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Visitor Stats By Country Now Available

As part of the new DMS beta version 3.5, we are adding some useful statistics. We are now sharing with all our registered studio owners some information about the number of visitors that are using our search pages ("Search", "Advanced Search" "Specials (Bid)", Search By Artist Names", etc).

This tool is hidden from view to all visitors and can only be seen by registered members in edit profile page mode (EPP).

You can see it in action at your profile page right now by clicking here.

This information does not include an itemized list of visitor per page or search terms, however, because it is beyond the function utility of any EPP or UI editor .

If one wants to receive more specific stats, we might offer a Google analytics option in the future, but doubtfully that it will be included this year.
Using This Information
As one can see there is a world map. When one hovers the mouse over one country, it becomes yellow and the total number of visitors searching for mastering services from that location is revealed.

Example: the chart below depicts what happened this past week of June the 13th, and it looks like there were 741 users from United States, 81 from Germany, and only 4 from Australia searching for mastering studios.

The country with the most searches will take the appearance of a red (color hot) while the one with the lowest searches (even with just one search) will become white. Countries without visitors remain blue.


This data is cleared after 7 days (Mondays) and should revert to a world map looking all blue again. This should be the case now since today is Monday. :) Come back tomorrow to see this function works.


What To Do With This Info?
We are not sure if it's even useful enough to have it as part of your EPP toolbox, but we theorize that you could use the data to decide whether you think it would be a good idea to activate your Google Translation plugin, or not.

We also theorize that you might want to login daily just to see what kind of demand for mastering services there is so far during the week from musicians, producers and label people.

We also think that by having visitor information count by country, it might help you decide to activate the bid option to offer a discount rate. Then you could deactivate it when you notice that the numbers of visitors are rising again.

This feature is very experimental indeed and it will take some observation over time to determine whether or not is useful. We also believe that it could help to predict market trends a bit better, but the jury is still out on that.

Any thoughts, opinions or ideas? Please post it at our support forum or click here.

Thanks for reading!
The DMS Administration

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