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How to be permanently removed from DMS?

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How to be permanently removed from DMS?

Postby DMS » Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:04 am

The Directory of Mastering Studios ("DMS") is primarily a listing website for mastering studios around the world.

Our mission is to list all legitimate mastering services regardless of size and type (brick & mortar, online service or both).

There is only one way that a listing will be permanently removed from view to prevent being searched on Google or on the DMS:

Your service website or web pages are also permanently offline.

Inactive-Account.jpg (47.57 KiB)

No mastering service can be listed on DMS without a verifiable website or social media page URL, therefore we will deactivate any listing whose web address is no longer valid.

Once your account is deactivated your listing is hidden and you will no longer have access to your account and/or the front end area (e.g., to the main section of our website at "/login").

We will actually appreciate any studio owner or agent from an out-of-business mastering service to ask to be de-listed as we don't want Google to find a studio profile whose url has either expired or gone offline.

Here are some of the possible scenarios for studio page deactivation:

  1. A studio owner-member (you) notifies us that is no longer providing mastering services. As soon as we verify your claim that you are permanently offline, your profile page and business card are "removed" by deactivation.
  2. A user has reported your mastering service page as having a dead link to your website (Bug Reporting board). We then investigate the report until it's verified that your mastering service is no longer providing online services. Then and only then, your profile gets "removed" by deactivation.
  3. Your service has been reported as being fraudulent to the public (e.g. using a bait and switch tactic, or not honoring published rates on the DMS). Your account is put on suspension while admins and moderators investigate the facts of the case and the issue is resolved.
  4. Someone has reported your service as an online scam (e.g. you were reported as someone taking money without providing the service). Your account is put on suspension until you respond to the charges and your case is resolved.

In addition, your mastering service will be deactivated if we discover you are using stolen pictures from other mastering studios.

These are the main reasons why a mastering service is removed from the DMS, but there could be other obvious reasons as well:

Your official website is a dubious or fake social media service page displaying stock photography only.
Your website was listed by mistake by the DMS Bot.

We may also de-list or deactivate services who are only hosted by other music service platforms like Soundbetter or Fiverr, and while service pages hosted by Facebook, Soundcloud or other social media platforms are now accepted by our TOS, they will most likely get de-listed at the first complaint.

  1. What happens if my studio is still online but I no longer want to be listed on the DMS?
    Your studio account will be temporarily downgraded and will be displayed as an 'Unclaimed' listing so as to prevent you from receiving user and system email notifications. De-listed accounts will also not show up on the front page and/or receive free top search results exposure. Once a service expires, the listing is deactivated.
  2. How can I temporarily remove my studio from view?
    If your account is premium, you could do so, but you will still be visible to other premium account mastering engineers and of course, admin and moderators.
  3. I am closing my studio down for vacations and my account is not premium, can I pay to be temporarily removed?
    Alas, unless your account is premium, there is no option for temporary removal from public view.
  4. My studio is closed for lack of business but will remain online for the foreseeable future, how can I be removed from DMS ?
    This is not an option for the reasons explained above. In short; if you have a website that advertises mastering services, or for example, a Facebook service page, you will be always remain listed.
  5. I have a 'studio out of business' notice on my web site and also no longer want to be listed on the DMS
    If you are stating on both, your front and contact pages that you are an out of business website, and have also removed your pricing information from your service pages, we will eventually deactivate you from the list. Your service will be deactivated and listed as being "Temporarily Offline". Studio owners or engineers may expect to be notified of this change 30 days from the date of their report.

Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 13-54-07 User-Unverified.png
Screenshot 2022-05-28 at 13-54-07 User-Unverified.png (2.53 KiB)

What do you think? Feel free to post your opinion.
The DMS Administration

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