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[Site News] Unclaimed Studio Profiles

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[Site News] Unclaimed Studio Profiles

Postby DMS » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:34 am

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Unclaimed Page or Studio Profile


  1. A studio profile page resulting from crawls (by The DMS Bot) to a mastering website and its associates links. "Unclaimed pages", "Unclaimed studio profile".
  2. A low level DMS account.
  3. Most basic studio profile with business card.
  4. Lowest downgrade.
  5. A form of banishment from The DMS.
  6. (A mixed term from The DMS lexicon).

What Is The Main Difference Between Unclaimed Studio Profile & A Downgraded Account?
Unclaimed Studio Profiles
Unclaimed studio profiles are low level status and the most basic studio pages that you can find listed on The DMS. These type of pages can be created in two different ways:

  1. By The DMS Bot, or
  2. By account downgrade.
When our web crawler/bot locates a mastering studio online, it extracts the following information:Image

  1. Web Address.
  2. Country Location.
  3. Physical Address (if listed).
  4. Email.
  5. Studio Name.
  6. Phone Number.
  7. About Info (if any).
  8. Rates (if listed).
  9. Music Styles (if listed).
This information is then submitted to a team member to be reviewed. Once we have approved a bot entry, a an email notification is generated and a new studio profile page is created with an "unclaimed" studio profile notice.
The Unclaimed Status After A Downgrade
Any member account and its associated studio profile could be downgraded to the 'unclaimed status'. For example; from a free basic or the premium professional paid account to an unclaimed account status when an engineer or studio owner does any of the following:

  1. Notifies that one doesn't want to receive any emails from our admins or notification system.
  2. When one violates the terms of service (e.g. providing a false location address and deceitful information).
  3. When one abuses one's member account (e.g. using bait and switch tactics).
  4. When one hasn't had any account activity for a very long time (this is not always enforced).
  5. When one refuses to join any of the following social media groups for communication purposes: The DMS Facebook Group  or The DMS LinkedIn Group. In addition, we may also choose to downgrade an account if we see that they do not follow us on Facebook.

In other words, we might downgrade anyone who wants no part of our community.

Once downgraded to the unclaimed level, an engineer or studio owner will not be able to access the account until one claims it back. However, one may still be able to be contacted by artists, producers or label people via the messaging system (see illustration below), that is, if one chooses to respond to messages from The DMS in the first place.


The DMS funnels the most relevant traffic of people looking specifically for mastering studios, so if one doesn't want to be part of it, then congratulations, you must be a very successful mastering service.
The DMS Administration

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