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[Site News] Submit a mix to up to 33 mastering studios in one shot!

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[Site News] Submit a mix to up to 33 mastering studios in one shot!

Postby DMS » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:46 am

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We have reactivated The DMS Free Mastering Demos Program (beta version) which allows our guests (musicians, producers and label people) to test the quality of the mastering results from our participating DMS mastering studios.

Our concept allows to send a mix to 33 mastering studios in one upload and the list of participating studio engineers is expected to increase. All instructions and steps to upload are simple and the only catch to guests is that they can only submit one mix per week.

Only guests with a current, valid Facebook or LinkedIn account are at the moment allowed to submit music for a free mastering demonstration.



After clicking on the LinkedIn access button, this is what LinkedIn visitors would expect to see:


Once a visitor becomes a guest, one will be redirected to the Start page. Guests are first encouraged to seek for mastering studios within their budgets; the page displays our main free search services. We expect new services and features to be added in the near future.


Guests can then click on the 'Start Now!' button.

They will then be required to read the submission instructions and guidelines before being able to upload a mix to The DMS.


Guests are then able to select all the studios they want to receive a mastering demonstration from by clicking on the "Follow" button located in every studio business card.

They will also be able to watch videos if they were provided by the participating mastering studio who added it in the YouTube videos field (premium accounts only).


Once a guest has followed all the studios, he/she is ready to step 2 (our submission guidelines).


Once the guest have read all the guidelines, he/she will have to click on the agreement button to proceed to the upload form. This is only a formality, we don't want to force users to go through this step each time they want to upload a mix. This step can be by-passed by going to step 3 directly.


Finally, once a guest has agreed to follow upon all submission guidelines as best as one can, guests will be taken to the Upload Form.


Once submitted, a guest will receive a message stating that the mix was successfully uploaded and an email confirmation.

All mastering engineers will also receive an email communicating that someone has uploaded a mix for a mastering demonstration. However, all mastering studios selected to provide a demonstration should have received first an email notification indicating that they are being "followed" by the user.

We advise engineers who were not invited, not to work on an upload and send it to the user as that might be perceived as spam.

The main reason to allow mastering studios who are not invited, yet are still receiving upload notifications is to provide an insight about their mastering service. Questions like; 'why am I not being selected?' should come to mind and which would probably only mean that changes to the look of one's studio profile are going to be necessary if one is to prevail in this program.

Do you have an opinion? Please don't hesitate to post it here or at The DMS Facebook Group.
The DMS Administration

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