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Why Can't A Visitor Find Automatic Mastering Services?

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Why Can't A Visitor Find Automatic Mastering Services?

Postby DMS » Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:30 am

If you are looking for an 'automatic', 'automated' or 'algorithm' driven mastering service here at the DMS, we're sorry, but you simply won't find anything.

If you wonder why that is, the answer is that they simply are not "mastering" services, therefore the DMS does not list them.

Then why can one search under keywords like "music mastering" and find them on Google , you may ask. The answer may surprise you and it has nothing to with mastering itself.

First of all, you can find them on search engines because when it comes to mastering, these search engines are not really smart but in reality, clueless on the subject with no more intelligence than a TV remote control.

The DMS solves that problem by providing visitors the tools that help one to find all the mastering services that meet one's search criteria and avoid all those services that don't.

loudr.png (27.59 KiB)

But, the real reason why one can find these automatic mastering services on search engines in the first place is that there are a few small groups of internet entrepreneurs out there comprised by web and software designers, internet marketers, investment speculators, corporate lawyers and assistants to financial underwriters (investment firms) who have managed to convince small groups of high stature music artists and producers (even some well known audio engineers) to put their names behind this absurd concept of providing an 'automatic' online mastering service via a proprietary algorithm (the "startups").

In fact, even some well known audio streaming service providers and social sharing platforms for music, have either emerged or joined forces with these algorithm driven mastering software developers to offer it to the general public (mainly amateur musicians) as free add-ons built into their audio upload submission forms.

The idea is to offer automatic, lower quality, audio file "mastered" renditions, in hopes that the end user signs up as a premium subscriber. But, the ultimate goal here, whether premium subscription or not, is to increase their users database.

Whether the concept came from a software developer, an audio engineer or a music industry entrepreneur is irrelevant, but these new startups are seeking to expand their online businesses in a serious way. There's nothing wrong with wanting to expand one's business firms. But, an expansion based upon a deceptive foundation with regards to the mastering craft is unacceptable. The reality is that, in all probability, most of these firms had never made a profit and don't plan on being profitable any time soon either.

automated-service.png (181.62 KiB)

Most likely, as they continue to build an industry buzz, their long term business strategy is to attempt to monopolize the online mastering service market by creating dozens of mobile apps and propagating their automatic mastering web sites. The absurdity of it all is that it wouldn't be too far fetched to believe that these small companies will then be packaged up with a very nice red ribbon so that they can be sold as new IPO's to Wall Street.

Even if one company gets to go public, its stock will probably bomb soon after anyway, but the damage done to the already fragile image of mastering as art and craft, and the audio mastering industry as a whole, will be irreversible.

The bottom line is that the Directory of Mastering Studios ("DMS") is comprised by real mastering engineers and not by a gullible bunch of web designers who are going to be bought, manipulated and fall for such deceptive marketing tactics.

aass-350px.png (147.29 KiB)

The DMS position is that these web companies are only marketing a form of audio enhancement under the guise of 'music mastering' because processing a single is not mastering; mastering includes processing. There are many sites and forums that can explain better the technical reasons as to why 'automated' or 'algorithm' mastering is not considered music mastering.

Here is a short list:
[Enter url to article or forum here]
What Automated Mastering Services Can't Do For You

We hope you understand now why we don't list such services.

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Re: Why Can't A Visitor Find Automatic Mastering Services?

Postby Justin_P » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:19 pm

I recently wrote an article about this. If you agree, feel free to use parts or all of it as needed:
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