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Instagram Photos Option

(Premium accounts only, this option is still in beta) Premium accounts can now connect to Instagram via our Instagram Photos option. Here is how it works. First click to edit your studio profile (use the gear icon menu or the top menu bar). You will see the Instagram option to connect at the bottom of […]

Submit a mix to up to 33 mastering studios in one shot!

We have reactivated The DMS Free Mastering Demos Program (beta version) which allows our guests (musicians, producers and label people) to test the quality of the mastering results from our participating DMS mastering studios. Our concept allows to send a mix to 33 mastering studios in one upload and the list of participating studio engineers […]

How to post a studio review on The DMS

Getting started with your first review (These instructions assume you have signed in with either your Facebook or LinkedIn account) Who can review studios on The DMS? Unlike places like, The DMS only allows visitors who have authenticated using either a Facebook or a LinkedIn account, thus fake reviews by bots are nearly impossible. […]

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