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Today the DMS is the most reputable directory of mastering studios and enjoys first position in all organic SERP listings generated by search engines which are based on a series of metrics that determine relevance to specific search terms. In our case these terms are: "Directory of Mastering Studios" or "List of Mastering Studios" and/or a few variations of these keywords where at the very least, our website is listed within the top page results.

background-DMS-defaultThe purpose of the Directory of Mastering Studios ("DMS") is twofold;  build the best directory of mastering studios in the world and help empower the general public to find their ideal mastering service by offering them total transparency of the music mastering online market.

The D.M.S. is a company that facilitates the connection between artists and producers with mastering services around the world. Visitors can find the exact type of mastering services they are looking for according to their budgetary needs by using a quick search or our 4 custom search filters. These studio search criterias are: price range, country, service type (online or attended) along with its music style specialization.

Mastering engineers and studio owners can list their websites to increase sales leads and have the option to enter into our  innovative bidding program ("BID") to offer their lowest studio rates. The studio is bound by a non-exclusive agreement and is required to fulfill the discount rate until the studio owner deactivates this option from his profile page, which means it can be cancelled any time.

Any visitor searching and finding a discount rate can contact the mastering service to lock that rate in. Failure by a mastering studio to provide service at the selected discount rate using the DMS bid price option (e.g. bait & switch tactics) will immediately cancel one's participation and bar one from entering future bids through the DMS web site.

You can think of the directory as crossover between Yelp and LinkedIn, only, it compares studio prices that are at the same rate category or level. For example: a search for $100~$145/per track studios will only display results containing studio that charge between $100 and $145/per track.

Our goal is to empower people to find the ideal mastering service within their mastering budgets making the connection to the right mastering engineer. Our advanced search tools have multiple filters that allow visitors to find mastering studios according to their search criteria. All search results come in the form of business cards which link to beautiful profile pages.

This studio directory service is also FREE with minimum advertisement in profile pages.

Our page builder interface tool makes it easy for you to provide details about your business and create a great looking profile page for your business.

You can add to your profile: a bio, social media links, SoundCloud audio tracks, even advertise a block rate special and more!

Most importantly, we are committed to provide value as we plan to rank at the top of all search engines through an extensive advertisement program and link exchange programs.


  • The DMS connects visitors with mastering engineers for either personally attended (offline) or remote mastering sessions (online).
  • The DMS features a rate discount finder tool which enables any user to find the best possible mastering rates and special discount rates by mastering studios on the web.
  • Studio owners can list their services at no charge and/or create profile pages which will be viewed by thousands of visitors looking for mastering.
  • Free mastering demonstrations are available by participant studio members. Any studio is welcome to join in this program.


Ed-avatarThe Directory of Mastering Studios ("DMS") is the brainchild of audio engineer/composer Edward Vinatea, who happens to be a mastering engineer in New York City and founded it in 2016 after regaining control of the domain name (www.musicmasteringonline.com) from his former associates.  The dispute was privately settled by ICANN according to the rules of its Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP").
The DMS site is only one year old, but prior to this, there were at least 10 years where the domain name and site were under the administration of several individuals, some of who did more harm than good to its site reputation and search engine page rank.


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