DMS version 3.2 Released!

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The Directory of Mastering Studios is now releasing DMS version 3.2. This version is mainly a significant improvement upon front-end and back-end security, and also improved system message configuration. More details can be found at support forum.


This version also marks an important change at the DMS search pages; 7 more price range category groups have been added (one has been deleted and another one modified) and all top studios rates are at the top of the menu filter. More details here.

Other changes such as; all new mastering service entries have zero stars, therefore users have to ask an admin for verification, will be a bit controversial. But, we feel it is also going to significantly improve upon our data integrity and visitor safety.

Finally, we have simplified visitor experience; our search page has only 1 filter (price range). This is to insure visitors find a mastering service or start comparing them right away. The old search page has now become our new “advanced search”.


Other minor changes like the color of the profile cards have also taken effect. For example, avatar border colors on search pages are light blue while in advanced search pages are gold.

We hope that you find this new version 3.2 ever more exciting, and check out your EPP or edit profile page mode (now available at your menu bar and below ‘My Profile’)¬† to see what has changed.

Best wishes to all.

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