Instagram Photos Option

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(Premium accounts only, this option is still in beta) Premium accounts can now connect to Instagram via our Instagram Photos option. Here is how it works. First click to edit your studio profile (use the gear icon menu or the top menu bar). You will see the Instagram option to connect at the bottom of […]

Unclaimed Studio Profiles

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Unclaimed Page or Studio Profile Meaning A studio profile page resulting from crawls (by The DMS Bot) to a mastering website and its associates links. “Unclaimed pages”, “Unclaimed studio profile”. A low level DMS account. Most basic studio profile with business card. Lowest downgrade. A form of banishment from The DMS. (A mixed term from The […]

Sony to start manufacturing vinyl records after 30 years and its possible significance

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Written by Edward Vinatea.- 30 years after closing vinyl manufacturing in favor of producing CDs, Sony announced via France Press that is re-opening its vinyl manufacturing plant to cater to record labels and the increasing demand on vinyl records. Locally, they will press vinyls for classic and popular Japanese songs. Sony’s announcement is not a […]

ME’s: Having Trouble Logging In?

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If you’ve recently tried to login to your account via the front end and were redirected to the Homepage instead, chances are that there is nothing wrong with your account but are experiencing a service interruption. We have recently launched the DMS Bot to seek, find, scan and automatically register music mastering websites on the web. […]