How to post a studio review on The DMS

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Getting started with your first review

(These instructions assume you have signed in with either your Facebook or LinkedIn account)

Who can review studios on The DMS?

Unlike places like, The DMS only allows visitors who have authenticated using either a Facebook or a LinkedIn account, thus fake reviews by bots are nearly impossible. This means that people can trust in the veracity of a studio review –unlike other websites, while studio owners can feel good about the fact that the integrity of all our reviews are at the highest level.


Can an engineer review studios on The DMS?

The DMS engineers can review their friends studios but cannot review themselves as our script does not allow it anyway. Even if this were possible, all engineers and studio owners are advised not to cheat because this could suspend or terminate their membership.  A studio owner, for example, may want to review another studio just to vouch for one’s services, or praise the skill of an engineer. These are legitimate ways to review studios while providing a terrific boost in reputation to one’s peers.


How Do I review studios on The DMS?

If you are not at the studio page, or don’t have a url bookmark to it, then you need to search and find the studio you want to review; the first thing you’ll need to know is the name of the studio. This maybe obvious, but actually some people make the mistake of searching the name of the engineer instead.

That could be fine if the studio name is the engineer’s name. You don’t have to know the full name or exact name of the studio either. For example, if you only remember one word associated with the name, then that should be good enough to find it. However, be aware that generic names (e.g. mastering) may come back with too many results.

Once you find it on The DMS, click on the studio name to be redirected to that studio profile page and you are ready for the second step. You could also skip this step and use Google search, but that may not be the easiest way to find DMS studios.



Now that you found the studio and are at the profile page, you can see that the tab with the flag icon is active (in blue). Click on the ‘Studio Reviews’ tab (the tab with a star icon).



You should now see the studio review section. Click on the pen icon and start typing your review. Select the number of stars you feel the service deserves and click on the submit review button.



That’s it, you are done! These instructions assume you have signed in with either your Facebook or LinkedIn account.

Get started!

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