Sony to start manufacturing vinyl records after 30 years and its possible significance

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Written by Edward Vinatea.- 30 years after closing vinyl manufacturing in favor of producing CDs, Sony announced via France Press that is re-opening its vinyl manufacturing plant to cater to record labels and the increasing demand on vinyl records. Locally, they will press vinyls for classic and popular Japanese songs. Sony’s announcement is not a […]

What is mastering?

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What is Mastering? Mastering also known as ‘pre-mastering’ is the process of optimizing all individual frequency levels to meet ‘industry standards’. It guarantees your final product will translate on all playback systems and not just the studio where the music was recorded in. It is also a last chance to present the music production to […]

Understanding Mastering

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Written by Edward Vinatea. Table Of Contents Preamble What Is mastering? What is a mastering engineer required to have in order to provide this service? Realistic Mastering Results Grading Mix Quality Results The Three Main Conditions For DIY Mastering 1- A Digital Audio Workstation 2- Fairly ‘accurate’ speaker monitors 3- Acoustically conditioned room Conclusion (New) […]