LandR Google Ads Infesting The DMS.

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adsenseEver since we adopted Google Adsense code to run in the sidebar and profile pages, we noticed a few ads by LandR appearing occasionally.

But now they seem to dominate the display in almost every ad and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We certainly do not endorse that service as the DMS does not consider LandR a valid mastering service.

Their ads, however, might create a situation that could mislead our visitors into believing that we endorse LandR as a viable professional mastering solution when in reality it is not.

We are planning to do without these annoying Google ads altogether by the middle of 2017, but we cannot do it without your help.

We would like all our mastering engineers to help us in any way possible, for example, by participating in one of the different programs we offer, or perhaps by spending some of your time posting your comments; whether in the capacity as a mentor, in response to an inquiry or performing mastering samples, etc. Any and all contributions are welcome.

While our ranking as the definitive directory for mastering studios is number #1, the bottom line is that without new daily content provided by users, the DMS will never be able to become rid of Google ads.

In the meantime, if you see another LandR ad from Google adsense, just click on it. Maybe if LandR pays more to Google for their ads, they will cut down on their advertisement budget or perhaps finally stop running them.

If you have any opinions on the subject, we’d like to hear you.

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