‘Search By Artist’ Now Available!

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Mastering engineers can now be found by the name of their artist clients!

As some of you may recall, there was a field called “Most Prominent Clientele” in your page profile editor which some of you used to list your studio clients. So, what we did is, those who had the names of artists or band names listed in that text field have now been reprogrammed to be searchable by artist name, and thus, one has to do nothing else.

However, those who used that field to write things like “check clients on the website”, “numerous projects to list” “mostly indie artists”, or just listed an url to your site, are advised to come back to fill out the new field called “Studio Clients”.

This is a powerful new option which will allow our visitors to find you through the names of the artists or the bands they’ve heard. The main quirk with your ‘Studio Clients’ list is that it’s invisible to all visitors. We did this anticipating that some of you would list their entire clientele list which could result in a page too long and cumbersome looking.

Here is how it works, let’s say that a visitor wants to know who has mastered “Kätilöt”, a Finnish band.


This visitor would simply use the “Search By Artist” page and enter the band name in the search field.


The query is sent to the database which will extract the information from the ‘Studio Clients’ meta key and voila! You have in the search results the studio that mastered that artist and the engineer’s name right below it.



To recap; use ‘Most Prominent Clientele’ to list just a few artists or bands that you believe are your most important. This text field remains unsearchable, but it’s visible in your profile page. Then, list all your clients that you want visitors to be able to search and find, including the same artists you already listed in “Most Prominent” (or else they will not show up). It doesn’t matter how many you have, they will not be visible in your profile page.

One more thing, each name has to be listed comma separated.

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